Prize Structure

100% of all the players’ entry fees will go towards the prize fund, venue hire, insurance and costings to run events.

Each event has a guaranteed 1st place prize of £15,000.


Below is the prize breakdown for each tournament, based on a full field of entries:

1st £15,000
2nd £10,000
3rd £6,000
4th £4,500
5th £3,000
6th £2,000
7th £1,750
8th £1,500
9th £1,250
10th £1,000
11th £900
12th £800
13th £700
14th £600
15th £500
  • Depending on each event’s final field size, The GolfCatcher Tour reserves the right to adjust the prize funds from 2nd place to 9th place accordingly to reflect the size of the field.
  • In the event of a tie for first place, those players tied will play sudden death tie holes until a winner emerges outright.
  • In the event of a tie in lower placings, prize money will be evenly distributed accordingly.
  • Prize money will be paid 48hrs into players accounts upon completion of event.
  • Under no circumstances can players arrange splitting of 1st place prize money.
  • The GolfCatcher Tour is being run on the basis of a 0% profit model. If at the end of the season there are any excess funds, they will be donated to our partner charity Battleback Golf.
  • The £100,000 bonus prize for winning any 3 of the 4 events has been insured through a broker on behalf of GolfCatcher.
  • All players are asked where possible to attend the prize giving after each event.

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